Emerald Stonewind

Emerald has dark, long hair which she wears in a long braid. She has vivid green eyes, like her name. She is thin and wiry and prefers to dress like a boy and be in the middle of the action. Emerald is very strong willed, intelligent, and suspicious of authority. She can be hard to teach, but even though she resists being corrected, she recognizes reason and will adopt new ideas she agrees with. She is slow to trust others and very wary of the dragons.

Jade Stoneblest

Jade is younger than his twin sister by ten minutes, a point she always seems to emphasize. He also has green eyes, though paler like his own name. Jade has a very curious nature and deep energy and self confidence. Sometimes though, when alone with his sister he will admit his deep fears and self doubt, but he keeps a strong face for everyone else. This is because at age sixteen, he was made a leader of others. Jade has an innate trust of others and is anxious to prove himself to his superiors.

Amber Pardoness

Amber is the beautiful young daughter of King Pardoness of Doronica. She has grown up in the royal palace and is crown princess to the throne. Amber longs for freedom from the oppressive obligations of her birthright and takes drastic action to change her fate. She has a naturally haughty and bossy way with others. She is an expert manipulator. Deep down she has a fierce love of her father, the King, as well as her Kingdom. Her royal bloodline carries a rare element sought by Mag Ma.

Merel Highhand

Merel is the Hand of Oraless whom she regards as the Prophet and Seer of the Nine Winds and ruler of the Forest Clans. She inherited this position of honor from her mother, who died in battle. Merel is part of the tribe of Hands that live in the wolffolk forest cities. She is quiet and sarcastic. She has the deep red hair common in the highland tribes and a freckled complexion. She is loyal to Oraless and to the requirements of her position.


Oraless is the leader of the forest wolffolk. Wolffolk are sentient wolves who have built a civilization working in a symbiotic relation with a human highland tribe known as the “Hands.” The hands do all of the handiwork while the wolves provide security, protection, and wisdom. Oraless can speak several languages. He is a grey wolf with gold eyes. He can read the scent stories carried on the nine winds and rules the deep forest from the Elder Throne. Oraless is very old, wise and fierce in battle. He recruits Jade to lead the journey to Death’s Gate.

Karra Elseve

Karra is a Garlacan gypsy teenager who travels in a trading caravan with her family. Karra is a mousy and quiet girl who collects exotic pets in her vast travels with her family and uses her healing skills to rehabilitate injured animals. Karra has an uncanny knowledge of dragon lore and pristology, which is the study of Pri, the power of the dragons. She is good friends with Amber and gets drawn into Amber’s concocted plans.


Vlake is an elven girl who joins the quest of Jade and Emerald. Her background is suspect and she is viewed with suspicion, especially by Jade. As an Angel of Justice, she is bound by oath to take proactive action in the light of any injustice. She is secretive and reclusive. She is an expert fighter, perhaps the best. She makes no trace on the land and can dissapear in an instant. She is always watching and taking things in from a distance.


Snowphire is a white dragon with sapphire, diamond, and platinum scales who is sent by the Dragon King to assist those who embark in the journey to Death’s Gate. She is almost 1000 years old, which for dragons makes her young. Snowphire is very thoughtful and does not rush to judgment or action without weighing multiple viewpoints. She is a superb healer and can fly faster than any other known dragon.


Rasper is a red dragon with jasper, ruby and iridium in his scales. He is only 150 years old which makes him a juvenile. Dragons are worshipped and treated like demigods by the free people of Doron. Rasper has a very firey temper and an adventurous spirit. Rasper loves to surprise others and play pranks. He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and to a cause he believes is right and just.

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